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Sudently the button "checkout" is disapeared.

4/6/2016 12:37:56 AM
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Dear Vevocart Team,

My 4 years old website (one time Licensce) have an issue with check out. The button on CheckOut.aspx is disapeared and my customers are no longer able to check out. I use my old backup copy "C#" code (1 year old) to replace the current C# code but the issue remain the same. Again the "button" CheckOut is disapeared. This cause my customer can not checkout. In other words, my website is no longer work.
I think that must be something with software licencing because both old code and new code have the same issue.
Please advices,
Thuong Pham
4/7/2016 6:40:53 AM
Posts: 95

The license is a mechanism to allow website to run with the registered domain name.
Without a license, you're allow to run VevoCart locally only.
The license has nothing to do with the source code so could it possible that you have customized both old and new VevoCart of yours?

You can verify by using our original code from the package and install it under "test" sub domain. (http://test.domainname.com)
*The test domain does not require an additional license.

Best Regards,
VevoCart Team.

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